Client Portal

New Hampshire Rate Calculation Submission Form – Submit documents for the calculation of provider or transportation trip rates.


Texas Cost Report Data Submission Documents – Submit documents for the preparation of cost reports.


Client Request Form – Submit a request for services for any MSB products such as training, forms customizations, reports, etc.


Paper Log Submission – Submit paper logs to MSB for processing Medicaid reimbursements.


RMTS Participant Training Confirmation – District personnel can submit training confirmation once they are trained in RMTS by either onsite training, video tutorial or webinar.


Invoice Contact Information FormThis form is used to submit contact details for those individuals who need to receive invoices for MSB services.


Medicaid Study – Student Roster Submission Form  This form is used to submit a Special Education student roster for a district that would like MSB to perform a complimentary medicaid study.


Texas RMTS Provider TrainingThis video presentation explains the Random Moment Time Study program, the purpose of this program, and what to do should you be selected to respond to a sampled moment. This presentation is available on under “Our Support” -> “Forms and Docs”.


Client – Staff InquiryThis form is used to submit questions to Administrative personnel in regards to the implementation of the Medicaid to Schools Program and our Clinical Notation Tool, X Logs.