Program Specialists

Each of our client districts is assigned a dedicated Program Specialist to serve as an expert consultant in the Medicaid to Schools Program. The PS provides specialized onsite consultation and training to MSB clients both at the provider level and administratively as often as needed. The Program Specialist strives to build sound relationships with each member associated with the Medicaid to Schools Program, including, but not limited to the Special Education Director, Business Manager, Superintendent and Direct Service providers.

The Program Specialist serves as the administrator of the Medicaid to Schools program within the district by consistently working with the district on the following:

  • Quarterly Participant List Consultation/Certification
  • Quarterly Management of RMTS
  • Unlimited Training and Support on clinical notation tool, X Logs
  • Annual Consultation and Completion of the Cost Report
  • Monitoring of Provider Utilization
  • Progress to Goal Monitoring

Region Divisions

Houston / East Texas

Dallas / Fort Worth

Central Texas

West Texas

We are making some changes around here, we’ll be right back!

We are making some changes around here, we’ll be right back!