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X Logs

X logs, is MSB’s web based service delivery-tracking tool, which allows service providers to electronically record and report on the services they provide to special education students. X Logs is NOT a Medicaid ticket system. Providers simply record what happens with their students, and then MSB pulls out what is Medicaid billable on the back end.

X Logs allows for maximized reimbursement to the district without increasing the provider’s administrative burden. Additionally, X Logs offers administrative staff a centralized location for documentation and advanced reporting capabilities.

• Centralized real-time documentation tool
• Calendaring tool that integrates with Outlook and Gmail
• Ability to set goals and chart progress
• Mobile App available to all users
• Ability to monitor provider caseloads
Integration capabilities with IEP software
• Unlimited support and training

MSB Mobile

MSB offers a FREE app for iPhone and Android devices!
Access X Logs from anywhere with the MSB Mobile app