Our Story

MSB was founded over 20 years ago to help schools access and maximize federal revenue available for Special Education. Built on personal experiences and knowledge from working at a rural school district, we recognized districts did not have the resources necessary to access the available Medicaid funds they deserved. The amount of work involved was not worth the time and effort involved in obtaining these funds. As a solution to this problem, MSB was created with a distinct purpose. Our Purpose, then and now, is to Maximize reimbursement available through the Medicaid to Schools Program while relieving the district’s anxiety in a way that creates loyal clients. There is a direct correlation between services provided to Special Education students and reimbursements available to the district through the Medicaid to Schools program. Our team of consultants strives to serve your district as experts on all aspects of the program in order to ensure we fulfill our purpose. Our holistic approach empowers educators to do just what they were hired to do; spend more time with students!

Our Guiding Principles

Choose a Positive Attitude

We work hard and play hard, and have a positive attitude in every situation. We pursue excellence because we are emotionally and intellectually engaged in our work, and that makes our talents formidable and our results extraordinary. Working hard and having fun open doors to achievement, success and fulfillment.

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Aspire To Lead

Leadership is not a specific title, position or role. We inspire others to contribute to our Purpose. We challenge ourselves and others to uphold our Guiding Principles as more important than any one individual goal or preference. We lead others with action, not with direction. We live out our Guiding Principles, and expect our peers to do the same. We serve our Guiding Principles, so they will serve us.

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Esteem Integrity

We hold each other and ourselves to the highest standards in all we say and do. We tell the whole story, not just what's convenient to our individual goals, and in addition to being clear, honest and accurate, our communications are frank, direct and lack spin. We authentically and courageously demonstrate consistency between words and actions.

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Learn with Humility

We seek first to understand, then be understood. We humbly exercise psychological ownership of our work and accept accountability of our actions. We contribute personal ideas and accomplish our work by pursuing excellence. Being humble is empowering, inspiring and transforming.


Delight Clients

We put clients at the heart of everything we do, and we work together to deliver end-to-end experiences so profound that clients love using our service and actively recommend it. We passionately work with an insatiable drive to anticipate and fulfill our clients’ needs and desires resulting in raving fans.


Innovate & Improve

We innovate to drive growth and continuously improve everything we do. We move with speed and agility, and we embrace change. We have the courage to take risks, and we grow by learning from our successes and failures. We love grand challenges, as well as everyday improvements, and, whatever the problem, we seek ways to tackle it creatively.


Readily Adapts

We anticipate and accept changing roles, directions and work methods with grace and a positive attitude. This demonstrates resiliency and the ability to bounce back from shifting priorities. We evolve with changing environments and remain focused on goals despite disruptions or changes in approach.


Promote Teamwork

We pursue and value others' perspectives, and desire to learn about opinions different from our own. We celebrate individual differences as well as team and company interdependence. Supports a philosophy of "shared fate". We will walk in the shoes of people we serve and those with whom we work.


Establish Trust

We demonstrate sound personal and business ethics, behaviors and values and establish a reputation for integrity, honesty, candor, fairness and reliability. We respect our coworkers by keeping confidences and following through on commitments. Reflect your trust in others by always giving the benefit of the doubt to peers before drawing a negative conclusion.